To live in Wales is to live amongst stories of Dragons. They are woven into our history and our folklore. Impossible creatures from a long-forgotten past, creatures that only ever lived in a land of legends and bed-time stories.


Or perhaps not.


Perhaps they are not quite so impossible. Perhaps they belong not in our past, but in our present. Perhaps they live not in a land of legends, but are alive here, today, in Wales.They may be very different to the Dragons of folklore. Evolved, adapted to live on the margins, in the shadows, of our world. Smaller, more varied, more elusive and yet very, very real.


Dragons of Wales is my attempt to document the many, diverse species which inhabit this country. From our highest mountains, to our deepest mines. From our valley towns to our cities. From our forests to our coasts. So far I have written and illustrated four Dragons of Wales books, with a fifth due early in 2021. They are all available to purchase from my Etsy shop HERE.


The gallery below contains just a small sample of the hundreds of illustrations I have produced for this project so far.