Hello. I'm Andy: a Welsh artist, illustrator and designer, best known for my dragon and dinosaur illustrations.


I began work on my Dragons of Wales project late in 2016. Since then I have published four Dragons of Wales books, with a fifth due to be released early in 2021. I have also published a book of speculative dinosaur illustrations entitled "Novosaurs - The Dinosaurs of Our Future".


I am available to undertake new commissions and always happy to discuss any projects which you think I might be able to assist with. With more than two decades of professional experience, I pride myself on offering my clients the highest possible standards, along with a flexible and friendly approach.


My books are available to purchase from my Etsy shop, which can be found HERE.


I also have a Patreon HERE, offering exclusive rewards and behind-the-scenes insights. If you like my work, this is a great way to help support what I do from as little as $1 a month.